Corporate Social Responsibility

Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group has been involved in community development initiatives since decades. In continuation to the legacy of a responsible corporate citizenship, CSR activities being undertaken at the group are derived from the triple bottom line model of People, Planet and Profit.
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Ensuring environment sustainability with community care are the thematic divisions, surrounding which the CSR activities are planned and executed across the Group

Community is always a stakeholder for both directly implemented and collaborative projects. Guided from the millennium development goal and CSR under Companies Act 2013, Education, Vocational Training and Livelihood Promotion, Health & Sanitation and Care for Persons with Disability,

Social Responsibility
The main aim of SMF is to work for community development by catering Education, Livelihood Promotion, Women Empowerment, Facilitation of Healthcare, Upliftment of People with Disability and to Sustain the Environment.
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